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Pakistan gained independence in 1947 after the partition of India. Tension with India persists over Kashmir, and the countries have fought three border wars. Over 50% of the population are employed in agriculture and live in rural areas. Poverty remains widespread, with almost one in three Pakistanis living on less than $1 a day. Over the past 20 years Pakistan has hosted up to three million Afghan refugees, putting considerable pressure on its resources.

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Official Name: Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Capital: Islamabad
Population: 165.8 million (2006)
Population Projection: 2.09% per annum
Languages: Urdu, English and numerous indigenous languages
Life Expectancy: 61 years
Infant Mortality: 70.45 out of 1,000 births
Literacy Rate: Male - 48.7% | Female - 35.2%
Gross National Product: US$ 2,400 per capita

Islamic Relief in Pakistan

IR opened its office in Islamabad in 1992. IR's activities are focused in Pakistan administered Kashmir and Balochistan where there are two field offices. Over the years IR has carried out many relief and development projects including drought relief in Balochistan, disaster response (earthquakes, droughts, cyclones, floods), Prevention of Blindness programmes, education programmes and Orphan Support.

Orphans' Programme

The One-to-One Orphan Sponsorship Programme started in Pakistan in 1993 and was mainly targeting orphans in Rawalpindi until the October 2005 earthquake. Following the earthquake, the programme was greatly expanded in Muzzafarbad and Balakot and the Mansehra District. There are also sponsored orphans in Bagh, Bhakkar and Kasur.

In addition to the sponsorship programme, Legal Aid for Widows is a rights-based project which began in April 2005 in partnership with the European Commission. It provides legal assistance, citizenship documents and education to 150 illiterate mothers of orphans. In some of the poorest areas of Rawalpindi, 700 mothers of sponsored orphans are also receiving information about their legal rights.

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