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With an estimated 219 million people, Indonesia has the largest Muslim population found anywhere on earth. The country encompasses three time zones and includes over 17,000 islands. More than 300 languages are spoken in Indonesia and it has a variety of cultural and ethnic groups, presenting one of the world's most dynamic development challenges.

Indonesia is prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The devastating tsunami in 2004 and Java earthquake in 2006 struck a country already suffering from mass unemployment and political instability.

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Official Name: Republic of Indonesia
(Republik Indonesia)
Capital: Jakarta
Population: 245.45 million (2006)
Population Projection: 1.41% per annum
Languages: Bahasa Indonesia (official, modified form of Malay), English, Dutch, Javanese
Life Expectancy: years
Infant Mortality: 34.39 out of 1,000 births
Literacy Rate: Male - 87.9% | Female - 83.4%
Gross National Product: US$ 3,600 per capita

Islamic Relief in Indonesia

Islamic Relief has been operating in Indonesia since 2000 undertaking Ramadhan and Qurbani food distributions for the poor and those affected by natural disasters. Since the tsunami disaster, Islamic Relief began large scale relief and development projects in Aceh and other parts of the country.

Islamic Relief received recognition from the Indonesian government, the United Nations, other NGOs, and most importantly, from the people of Aceh, for its response to the tsunami.

Orphans' Programme

The Orphans Sponsorship Programme was initiated in Banda Aceh in March 2005 as a direct result of the devastating tsunami. Most of the sponsored orphans are from Meulaboh, in West Aceh, which bore the brunt of the tidal waves.

Even though it is a relatively new sponsorship programme, many activities have been organised for the orphans including an art exhibition of the paintings of 300 orphans who survived the tsunami. The paintings were displayed in a public gallery and attracted considerable media attention.

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